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Seminars and offices

Seminars either at Humanistiskt Centrum in Campus Engelska parken (next to the cemetery, behind the library Carolina Rediviva) or at Campus Blåsenhus (next to the Castle and the Botanic Garden)
   Most collaborators have offices at either of these campus sites.
   See maps or visit and search for "Engelska parken" or "Blåsenhus".

Postal address

SEC/Donald Broady, Sociologiska inst.,
Uppsala universitet,
Box 624,
SE-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden

More addresses

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Sociology of Education and Culture (Utbildnings- och kultursociologi) is a research unit based in numerous disciplines within the social sciences and humanities. It is affiliated with several departments, primarily at Uppsala University.

SEC is a node in Scandinavia for research in the vein of certain French traditions founded by Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Paul Benzécri and others. The research areas include studies on cultural fields, history of education, formation of elites, students’ trajectories, and transnational transformations of the educational and cultural fields. There is also methodologically oriented work on geometric data analysis and prosopographical methods.

Important research tools are concepts such as capital and field. Prosopographical methods and geometric data analyses are frequently used. Historical perspectives are crucial.



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